The learning platform creating an exciting and engaging educational experience in a real virtual campus.

Virtual Campus is built with an intuitive instructional model allowing faculty maximum academic freedom without compromising the student’s need for consistency and predictability.


This model is proven to be intuitive by mirroring the traditional classroom elements of reading the textbook, presenting a lecture, facilitating a discussion to measure comprehension, and completing assignments.

Read the text.

Access to ebooks is available through VitalSource. Faculty has the option to upload any supplemental reading alongside the built-in text.

Attend the lecture.

Faculty creates their own courses by uploading recorded lectures and integrating videos directly into the platform.

Discuss with classmates.

Built-in discussion board allows student interaction with each other about topics presented in class.

Complete all assignments.

Faculty has many built-in options for desired types of assessments to measure learning outcomes.

  • Mobile friendly – learn from anywhere, anytime!

  • Host live teaching sessions with API integration to video conferencing tools

  • Ample storage space to distribute course materials

Your ability to focus on teaching and knowledge dissemination is the most vital need in an online environment. That’s why Virtual Campus gives elite support for all users.

  • Faculty training and student orientation provided

  • 24/7 Technical Support for all users

  • Integrated communication tool connecting teachers and students

  • Fully hosted and secured by AWS Cloud Management Solutions

  • Timely maintenance and updates

Our focus is on the accessibility of quality and affordable education. With our customized payment structure, your institution can benefit from this shared mission without significant cost concerns.

  • Pay for what you use

  • Don't get stuck in a multi-year contract!

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