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Below are additional services we provide beyond the basics:

Lead Generation Starter Kit

Creating a marketing strategy to build a virtual campus differs from a traditional perspective in that it requires more focus on a specific target market. Virtual Campus can assist with formatting the who, what, and how of a program-specific approach to our marketing efforts.


What is included?


  • Target Market Data

  • Print & Promotional Items

  • Tips & Best Practices for Generating Leads

  • Recruiting PowerPoint

Website & Online Application

An exemplary landing page is vital to expanding your brand and must be built to communicate key elements of the program and answer common questions for potential online students. Ideally, such a website includes a practical and easy-to-complete online application. Virtual Campus has consolidated
these efforts for you with a robust website template.


  • Branded Design

  • FAQ Page

  • Simple, Effective Online Application

Custom Built Programs

With experience gathered over decades in creating and building various high-quality, high-demand programs, the Virtual Campus design team is able to assist your growing mission by expanding your program offerings or enhancing your existing programs.


  • Knowledge and Resources

  • Consultation Services from Instructional Designers

  • Various Production Packages